Basketball: It Makes Kids Smarter

It's no surprise that basketball is universally recognized by middle and high school physical education departments as an excellent option for providing youth with optimal amounts of exercise in a manner kids find fun and challenging. But did you know that competitive sports such...

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What is BE Ready?

After my parents, nothing has had a greater impact on my life since childhood than sports--specifically basketball. It has taught me discipline, trust, commitment, loss, care, love, pain, competition, how to lead, how to follow, how to deal with stress, how to work with people, how...

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Question #3

Is it easier to make your high school or middle school team just because you are tall or do you have to be skilled to get on the roster?  Do coaches prefer skilled smaller players or taller projects?

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Question #2

Every week the "best team" in college basketball loses and there is a new number 1 team.  I can't keep up.  Who is the real "best team" in college basketball?

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"Am I Going to Sprain My Ankle This Season?"

Take These Simple Tests to See If You Are at Risk and Also to Improve Your Reaction Time and Running Speed Each year many athletes sprain their ankles. Some of these are from contact (example: landing on someone’s foot) but many are from a lack of control...

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Your Questions

q and aHere we feature questions from athletes and fans all over the world.  Submit your questions on the "contact us" tab or just hit the comment link here and ask away!  Coach Ben or a member of the BE Ready team will answer...

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Best Foods For Energy


    Let's view your body like a high performance race car. You obviously want the best fuel to run your car.  High performance race cars use 110 grade fuel.  This fuel is very expensive but keeps the car running at it's highest potential for long periods...

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Stretching & Flexibility

Here you can view or download a powerpoint slideshow to help you with stretching exercises. View/Download the STRETCH Powerpoint

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BE Ready Basketball Academy

Where much more than sports is involved. We believe in nurturing each child's potential. Through team sports kids can be given unique opportunities to absorb the values, self-discipline and dedication associated with lifelong success in so many other endeavors, using well structured fun activities. Our program is basketball taught by a professional basketball player and skilled...

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