"It's more than basketball...
You never know what opportunities or obstacles life will throw your way, but contrary to popular belief, you can prepare for them. BEREADY Academy helps prepare youth for lives of compassionate, driven leadership through a unique program aimed at character building and athletic training. See how we change lives."
- Ben Ebong, Founder


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Parent Testimonial

"Our son has attended many summer camps, but BEREADY is the one camp he requests as his first choice above all others, year after year. Yes it's a basketball camp, but the focus is not just basketball skills--It's so much more. Academics, sportsmanship, healthy choices, and achieving your personal best are all emphasized... We expect our son to be tired from a full day of basketball, but instead, he leaves camp feeling motivated, confident, and ready for more!"

Read More Mike, BEREADY Parent, Feb 2012

Student Testimonial

"BEREADY Academy has changed my life because I learn more and more every day I go there. I use some skills I learn at camp in some of my games. I also practice those skills when I go to the gym to work out on my own. I also try to teach my sister them too. Also the guest speakers inspire me and teach me some things about not just basketball but everyday life too."

Read More Isaac, BEREADY Camper, Feb 2012