About BEREADY Academy

BEREADY Academy is a leadership academy that brings professionals from various industries to educate, engage, and inspire youths through a high-energy basketball immersion program.

BEREADY Academy’s mission is to empower youths through a dynamic immersion experience geared toward achievement in education, health, diversity, athletics, and leadership. We provide professional tools for each child to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and pursue their passion in life.

We expect our teachings to not only be used during our camp week, but also, to form habits that campers will continue to apply to their everyday lives. We communicate with our campers and their families after our event to help support and facilitate success with tools learned at BEREADY Academy. Our campers are encouraged to have an interactive relationship with their camp mentors throughout the year and return the following summer. The returners will provide support and help counsel new campers in our new BEREADY class.

BEREADY Academy is a week-long full day program where campers are actively mentored by professional basketball players and addressed by authorities from other specialized fields. Campers will learn:

  • How to “BEREADY” to make the most of life’s opportunities
  • The importance of education no matter what their life’s pursuit may be
  • To understand that failure is part of the path to success
  • How to be a successful leader and why leaders are important
  • The rigors, discipline, and skills necessary to compete at a high level of business and sport
  • How to face challenges and manage disappointments
  • The importance of an active life-style and the affects of daily nutrition on their overall health
  • How to choose realistic goals and create a practical plan to abide by to help achieve their goals
  • How good teamwork helps not only the people around you, but also, YOU!

BEREADY’s success is possible due to the high caliber skills of dedicated coaches and speakers, the undying support from local and national sponsors and foundations, and the passion of our youths to achieve.

We expect 2014, our 7th year, to be our best year ever. We look forward to seeing you at camp!