Mr. and Mrs. Bengier, BEREADY Parents

On behalf of Meagan and Matthew, we would like to thank you all at BEREADY Basketball for a fantastic camp. My husband being a coach and teacher by trait was extremely impressed with your camp but most importantly Meagan and Matthew are still talking about the camp. From your instructors to your lunches (Matthew especially raved about them) we want to let you know how pleased we were with your camp. Megan had to save her own money to pay for a part of the camp and for a 10 year old to say she will start saving for next years camp really speaks alot for your camp. We have been talking about your camp with other parents and my husband will be the girls basketball coach for 5th graders and for Matthew’s 3rd grade teams and in addition will be part of Millard School systems athletic club and he will be stressing the importance of attending your camp. Our children attended (local major university) girls and boys camps and in looking back that investment was a poor choice on our part. Both children are on teams now and still bring up things they learned at your camp. Meagan wants to say a special thank you for the food certificate she will be using it on Monday and is very appreciative. We can’t say enough good things about your camp but will continue to spread the word about BEREADY Basketball Camp. Please email us as soon as you know when your camp will be in Omaha next summer the kids have informed me that we will plan our vacation around the time of the camp – Thank you again for everything you did for our children.

Michaela, BEREADY Parent

Parker got to do a few different activities with family and school friends, church and the grandparents...but of every activity he has EVER done at any summer camp he said that "this was the best money you can ever spend" That was high praise from him who is hard to please...and it sure stuck with me!! Thanks so much!!

Isaac, BEREADY Camper

BeReady Academy has changed my life because I learn more and more every day I go there. I use some skills I learn at camp in some of my games. I also practice those skills when I go to the gym to work out on my own. I also try to teach my sister them too. Also the guest speakers inspire me and teach me some things about not just basketball but everyday life too.

Barbarita, BEREADY Parent

I just want to thank you and your staff for making Jaden's summer. It brought me to tears to see how elated Jaden was coming home from camp everyday. I can't begin to thank you enough and God willing we will be paying participants next year, not only Jaden but my other son as well. If there is anything I can help with next year please don't hesitate to ask. May God continue to bless you for the work you're doing with young people.

Brenda, BEREADY Parent

I wanted to say thank you so much for the extraordinary experience you provided for the boys last week at camp!! They both absolutely loved it!! They both said it was by far the best camp they had ever been to!! And they have been to a fair amount of camps!! They have both continually talked about different things they did, lessons they learned and the fun they had. Dylan was doing drills he learned there the other day and Brenden was using some saying about being Thrilled…I didn’t quite get the rest! It was a great experience and it made us so happy to know it was lead by such a great example for the kids who they have looked up to for years and continue to!

I hope it went well for you & that you have it again next year!! I have been spreading the word about how great it was & everyone has said to be sure and tell them next year!! I’m sure word of mouth will travel well!

Hope you had a great trip home!! A million thank you’s for your positive influence on my boys’ lives!!

Mike, BEREADY Parent

Our son has attended many summer camps, but BEREADY is the one camp he requests as his first choice above all others, year after year. Yes, it's a basketball camp, but the focus is not just basketball skills--It's so much more. Academics, sportsmanship, healthy choices, and achieving your personal best are all emphasized. These are skills that carry over to real life, long after camp has ended. Coach Ben and his staff are not just interested in making better basketball players--They're interested in making better people. Everyone feels a sense of belonging at BEREADY Academy. Ben and his staff treat campers like extended family. There are participants of all ages and sizes, but amazingly, they play together on teams in a way that builds confidence and competence in every player. When we pick up our son from camp each day, we witness a cohesive group of campers of all ages and sizes circled around Coach Ben, soaking in an inspirational, motivational review of the day's activities. This is followed by the unforgettable BEREADY chant. We expect our son to be tired from a full day of basketball, but instead, he leaves camp feeling motivated, confident, and ready for more!