Basketball: It Makes Kids Smarter

Basketball: It Makes Kids Smarter

It’s no surprise that basketball is universally recognized by middle and high school physical education departments as an excellent option for providing youth with optimal amounts of exercise in a manner kids find fun and challenging.

But did you know that competitive sports such as basketball can actually make kids smarter, too?

Consider all that goes on in a young mind learning the mechanics of the game, along with the teamwork and other social elements to be mastered. Learning the strategies of on court play, the coordinated interactions required to make offensive and defensive plays work, and the creativeness necessary to make the best of continually changing circumstances—all make the game of basketball so much more than mere motion.

And research agrees that young minds thrive on challenges.

A game with simple rules, basketball has long been one of the most popular games played in gyms and parks across the country: anywhere where there’s a backboard, a ball and a gathering of kids ready to have fun. But it’s also a game which invites participants to look beyond simple play skills into the more complex strategies that add to the excitement and have taken basketball beyond America’s playgrounds to prominence worldwide.
It’s a game, in other words, that can be played at different levels and return benefits that go far beyond its enjoyment value as casual recreation.

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