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Ade Dagunduro- BEREADY Academy Coaches’ Blog

Hi BEREADY Academy Campers and Students my name is Ade Dagunduro and I am from Inglewood,California. I got to represent the Nigerian national team last month in the London Olympics and play against the greatest basketball players in the world. It was an amazing experience. Currently, I play for Virtus Roma in Rome, Italy. The…

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Jobey Thomas- BEREADY Coaches’ Blog

Hi BEREADY Academy Players and Students. I’m Jobey Thomas, from Charlotte, NC and I am currently playing in Trieste, Italy. The best thing about my current team is how well we work together. One sign of a true team is unselfishness and a willingness to sacrifice “me” for the good of the team. Worst thing…

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BEREADY Bond Assignment #3

Wow! Those were great answers in the last BR-blog-it assignment. I read every answer in the BR-blog more than once. You should all go and read each other’s entries. What’s cool is that BEREADY impacted each person (and parents) in a different way. Can you believe all those examples you guys wrote had nothing to…

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