Jobey Thomas- BEREADY Coaches’ Blog

Jobey Thomas- BEREADY Coaches’ Blog

Jobey knocking down the clutch 3 point shot

Hi BEREADY Academy Players and Students. I’m Jobey Thomas, from Charlotte, NC and I am currently playing in Trieste, Italy. The best thing about my current team is how well we work together. One sign of a true team is unselfishness and a willingness to sacrifice “me” for the good of the team. Worst thing about our current team is our inexperience and youth that often displays itself in our decision making. My primary goal for the season is to stay healthy and see the team grow and improve each week. The playoffs would be a great achievement for this team.

Here are 3 songs on current playlist that get me out of bed in the morning and ready for practice and games: Lecrae-Tell the World, Trip Lee-Take me there, and Derek Minor-I’m Focused.

Any questions?

It’s going to be a long season but I’m ready to share it with you and have your support. Tell me about you and whats going on in your season this year?

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  • Marcus Sawyers
    November 2, 2012

    Wish you the best of luck and you really need come back so i can beat you in a shoot out ha

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