Ade Dagunduro- BEREADY Academy Coaches’ Blog

Ade Dagunduro- BEREADY Academy Coaches’ Blog

2012 Olympian Ade Dagunduro leads the fast break in London

Hi BEREADY Academy Campers and Students my name is Ade Dagunduro and I am from Inglewood,California. I got to represent the Nigerian national team last month in the London Olympics and play against the greatest basketball players in the world. It was an amazing experience. Currently, I play for Virtus Roma in Rome, Italy. The best thing about my current team is probably the fact that we are in one of the most historical cities in the world and we have some of the most unselfish group of guys I have been apart of in a while. The worst thing about the current team I am on is the fact that I am injured recovering still so I am unable to be a big part as I hoped for just yet. My primary goal for this season is to firstly get healthy, after that I hope to play extremely hard as I can for the Glory of God, helping this team make the playoffs.

My playist is all over the place with wolrdly music. This is what gets me going on a daily basis.

Lauryn Hill-Tell Him
Mayra Andrade- Morena Linda
Musiq souldchild-Halfcrazy
Kendrick Lamar- his whole new album Good kid m.A.A.d city the clean version 🙂

What are you guys listening to and how is your season/school year going? I look forward to your feedback and support as I trying to get back on the court.

I’ll be checking for your reply!


  • Griff Wyse
    November 12, 2012

    I like to listen to pop/rap. What did you injure Ade? i had a broken finger and couldn’t play basketball for a while. Hope your better soon. God bless you.

  • Marcus Sawyers
    November 2, 2012

    Wish you the best of luck. Keep it up and stay healthy

  • Parker Christensen
    October 31, 2012

    Hnestly, I do not listen to music. I just don’t. Never have, don’t know if I ever will. My team just started our fall season. We won our first game by 11 points, but we then lost our next by 13. I’m having a lot of fun and hoping that we will have a fantastic season. School is going great. I am getting good grades having fun. Can’t wait for BEReady next summer!!

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