Best Foods For Energy

Let’s view your body like a high performance race car. You obviously want the best fuel to run your car. High performance race cars use 110 grade fuel. This fuel is very expensive but keeps the car running at it’s highest potential for long periods of time. There is also 93 grade fuel that is used in the high end cars such as your Porsches. This fuel is less expensive but does a good job of maintaining a high level of performance for quality vehicles. Lastly, there is 87 grade fuel that is cheap and convenient. If this fuel was a category of food it would include fast food, junk food, and high sugar foods which will definitely slow your body down. So treat your body like a race car or high end car when you are training and you will find the results you are looking for in competition or just have more energy to keep up with life! Here are some food classifications that will help you get the most out of your personal race car:

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