BEREADY BOND 2014- Assignment #1

BEREADY BOND 2014- Assignment #1

Hello BEREADY family,

It was great to see so many new and old faces as we had an amazing season of programs. Now is your chance to link up with your BEREADY friends and connect with us year ’round. Keep up with the monthly assignments here on the BRBLOG and earn your way back to BEREADY 2015 for free. So here we go!

Assignment #1- We learned 5 things this summer at BEREADY: BEREADY, Listening is a skill, When you help someone…you help yourself, Think outside the box, NOW is my time.

Pick any sports team (college or pro) that you believe is a BEREADY TEAM and explain how they are following one or all of the BEREADY lessons. Here’s my example:

The Nebraska Cornhusker football team is a BEREADY Team becuase they are helping other people…and because of that, helping themselves. The team let 8-year-old Jack Hoffman run onto the field with the players and score a touchdown to help raise money/awareness for brain cancer research. What a great cause! The team ended up helping themselves too, because they probably gained many fans for the work they were doing to help Jack and others. Go Big Red!

Now it’s your turn. Pick your BEREADY team and tell us which lessons they are applying everyday. You have a month before the next assignment so hurry!

-Coach Ben


  • Brycen Columbus
    October 31, 2014

    I believe that the San Antonio Spurs are a BEREADY team because they know that when you help someone, you help yourself. Last year the lead the entire league as a team in assists with 25.2 per game. By all of their players helping each other, they in turn helped themselves to a NBA Championship. By helping others and being true team players, they made it “THEIR TIME”. This is why the Spurs are a BEREADY team.

  • dylan tipler
    October 29, 2014

    i think the denver broncos is a good team because they get along and work together. they dont give up even after losing 49-8:(. they listen to peyton when he says the play. they Know that their time is always whether in the superbowl or the regular season.

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