“New Season” BEREADY Bond Assignments #1 & #2

“New Season” BEREADY Bond Assignments #1 & #2

Hello BEREADY Family!

It was so great to see everyone this summer. Many of you attended BEREADY for the first time, and other familiar faces helped us have a great experience once again with our professional coaches and speakers. It is the passion of all of you that make BEREADY great!

Well, everyone should know how the BEREADY Bond & BRBlog works, so stay up to date with your assignments and you’ll earn your way to the Academy next summer. Even if you miss one, keep up with the next month as you may win a contest or prize. Here we go with your assignments for August and September:

Write here in the BRBlog the name of your BEREADY Brother/Sister (first name only). Then write five things (not 3 or 4) that you learned about them over the summer.

If you do not remember your BRB/BRS name or their details you must go to school and get yourself a new BRB/BRS. First, find someone that is not in your circle of friends and who you have nothing in common with (don’t cheat). Introduce yourself, get to know that person and they will become your new BRB/BRS. Tell me in the BRBlog if you have a new BRB/BRS and where they came from.

Ok, the second part of your assignment is simple. Tell me here in the BRBlog you favorite subject in school this semester and why it is your favorite. Next, tell me your least favorite subject in school this semester and why it is your least favorite.

Thats it! Two assignemts and you have until the end of the month to complete them. Look for the next assignment the first week of October and feel free to comment on other posts in the BRBlog–We’re family remember!

Big things to come. Talk soon,

Coach Ben


  • dylan tipler
    September 29, 2014

    my favorite subject is math because i love numbers. my least favorite is reading because were reading a book i already read

  • Kaleb Vinson
    November 1, 2013

    My BeReady brother is a new one. His name is Jake.
    5 things:
    He plays baseball for Midlands University
    He is an education major
    He wants to teach in Alaska after graduation.
    He has two siblings, one brother and one sister.
    He was born and raised in Iowa.

    My favorite subject is science because it is always for interesting. My least favorite subject is English, I don’t like writing.

  • Jadon
    October 6, 2013


    My Be Ready sister is Aiden and the 5 things I learned about her were:
    -She loves cookies
    -She likes the color pink
    -She wants to be a vet when she gets older
    -She has 1 brother
    -She is going to 7th grade

    My favorite subject in school in spelling because it is fun and my least favorite subject is reading because I am not used to the 4th grade questions.

  • isaac bonner
    October 1, 2013

    My new beready brother is a boy named Skylar. He likes pizza, the color green, science, he is in a robotics club, and his favorite animal is a frog. My favorite subject in school is Math because it is both fun and challenging. My least favorite subject is English because I don’t like to write a lot and we have to write a TON.

    • isaac bonner
      October 1, 2013

      I wrote this Sept. 30 on Monday night, but it says Oct 1 instead.

      • isaac bonner
        October 1, 2013

        And Skylar is a new brother and he goes to my school.

  • September 24, 2013

    Hello! My new be ready sister is a girl named Bridgette.
    5 things are…
    – she likes reptiles
    – she is a tom boy
    – she does karate
    – she likes anything slimy
    – she loves the color blue

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