BEREADY Bond Assignment #9: Speakers & Scholarships

BEREADY Bond Assignment #9: Speakers & Scholarships

Hello Everybody!

Great job with the last assignment as I saw a lot of feedback. Well, I told you March was going to be crazy and the NCAA basketball tournament didn’t disappoint us. We had plenty of upsets and buzzer-beaters, and its still not over yet. A couple of you who still have a team left in the Final Four may win some BEREADY gear if your squad can seal the deal.

Everyone should have handed out their BEREADY cards already and if you need more, just send me an email (ben@bereadyacademy) with your postal address. If you still have some left, be sure to get them out right away.

Your next challenge is this: pick the speaker you would like to see at BEREADY this summer. In the past BEREADY has welcomed NBA champions, Olympic athletes, lawyers, doctors, politicians, teachers and great coaches. Is there someone you would like to see come and speak at BEREADY? Well, here is your chance to meet them in person. Write in the blog the name of the speaker you would like to see this summer and tell me why they would be a great addition to the BEREADY family. I will do my best to get them there.

Next, if you have done every assignment since last summer, you still have the chance to attend for free this year. This month you must complete the scholarship application and send it in. Follow the “SCHOLARSHIPS” tab under “Academy Info” on the home page and complete it there. As long as you stay up to date with all your assignments you will receive the scholarships. Our scholarship come from the support of sponsors, so continue to let them know why BEREADY is special.

Ok, you have 2 tasks this month (if you have not done all BRBlog assignments only do #1):
1-Choose who you would like to see at BEREADY this summer
2-If you have done every assignment, apply for the BR scholarship

Finally, be sure to go back and send the BR coaches messages from their blogs. They asked some questions and are still waiting for your feedback. Lots to do in April…Get to work and see you soon!

Coach Ben


  • April 29, 2013

    Mike Mackie , Charles Thompson , and Brittany Wilson from Omaha Sports Academy because thats the basketbal organization that I play for and I think they are awesome basketball coaches and they will make you a better player!!!!!!!

  • Griff Wyse
    April 27, 2013

    I would like to have coach Eric Spoelstra come and speak at BEready this summer. I think he should come because he really inspires me. He is a really good coach and he could come and talk not only about basketball but also life and all his struggles while becoming one of the greatest coaches ever in my opinion.

  • Brandon Shannon
    April 22, 2013

    I would like to see President Obama speak the camp this summer. It would be cool if he could speak and play basketball with us. I would also like to see Kobe Bryant at the camp.

  • isaac bonner
    April 6, 2013

    I would like to have Kevin Ware come to BEReady this summer to talk to us. I think that he should come because he is very inspirational. Not many people can have their leg broken as bad as he did and then right after a surgery come back to support their team in the Final Four a week later. His story really inspires me to never give up and to always be brave.

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