Ade Dagunduro- BEREADY Academy Coaches’ Blog

Ade Dagunduro- BEREADY Academy Coaches’ Blog

Whats new? Well my team is off to a solid start this year we are 5-4 sitting in 5th position which is alright for now. Personally I am still recovering from my injury playing limited minutes as I try to get healthy. I have been contemplating whether or not I should stop practicing and just focus on rehabbing and getting 100%.

I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with a few of my American teammates along with some American teachers who have came here to teach english to the Italian young students. Our Italian teammates do not celebrate this holiday but they are familar with the concept and tradition behind it.

My favorite food I have to say is soulfood and Italian food I really like sweet potato yams,pasta, and macaroni and cheese. Yes I can cook but it is normally always the same few dishes. I advise you campers to start paying attention early on how your parents or guardians cook. This is something I wish I did when I was younger.

First off I want to know how school is going for everyone? I hope well and hope you guys are enjoying the holidays and the days off. I wonder if you guys are like me when I was a kid in school I could not wait for vacation, but then when I was on vacation for to long I could not wait to go back to school is it the same for you BEREADY campers? Over these holidays I would like every camper to write down 5 ways they can become a better student/ 5 ways they can become a better person/ and 5 ways they can become a better athlete for the year 2013. Then I want all of BEREADY to take there list and put it on their bedroom wall and read it at least once a week starting January 1st 2013. Hope everyone is well and look forward to your feed back.

Happy Holidays,

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  • Griff Wyse
    December 19, 2012

    hi Ade schools going pretty well for me i have pretty good grades and enjoy learning. five ways to become a better student 1. pay more attention 2. write neater:) better in music less socialXD 5.? five ways to become a better person 1. like my moms food better:) have to think on it ill add another blog

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